Billable Time Tracking

Time Tracking Integrated with Billing Software

Strataid - Billable Time Tracking

Time Tracking + Billing Software - an Efficient Way to Bill Time

Billable time tracking software allows users to accurately record hours and bill for their work, all in one go. Take back valuable company time by using a time tracker program that logs and bills it all for you – and lets you stop worrying about the details.

Strataid - Billable Time Tracking

Time Tracker with Billing

Easy Integrated Time Tracker and Billing Software - Say goodbye to old-fashioned time trackers like spreadsheets and notebooks. Strataid’s easy to use program allows users to set a timer and quickly record hours. The time tracker is integrated into the billing system providing businesses with an easy and multipurpose billable time tracking software.

Flexible and Real Time

Dynamic Billable Time Tracking Software as Flexible as Your Business Needs it - As a business owner, your work isn’t limited to an office. Strataid’s flexible billable time tracking makes recording hours as easy as pressing a button on your desktop or mobile device when you’re on the go. Benefit from an effective time tracker that logs your work in real time.

Track Internal & Billable Time

An Intelligent Time Tracker That Meets Both User and Client Needs - Professional time tracker tool that is geared to track both internal and client specific billable hours. Strataid’s billable time tracking software meets a variety of business needs, and it offers options to account time in a single, weekly, and monthly entries. Set up staff and sub-contractors as users to track individual's time.

Smart Reports

Sophisticated Billable Time Tracking Software with Powerful Reporting Features - Strataid’s billable time tracking software allows users to view reports of their billable hours based on individual client or specific projects. Gain a solid understanding of where your time and money is being spent with our powerful business reports. Stay up to speed on the efficiency and productivity of your business with Strataid’s online billable time tracking tool.

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